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Meet the Team

Zack Kellis


Mr. Kellis founded Kellis Vegetation Management in 2005 after growing up in this industry from childhood. He holds a degree in engineering from the University of Georgia, and is a licensed applicator in 14 states. Zack and his lovely wife Brandi have 5 beautiful children and happily reside in Columbiana.

“In Genesis, God appointed us ‘stewards of the earth’. I take that seriously. We are stewards of all the acres that God has put under our care, and to honor God, we must deliver quality results with herbicide and mowing programs that are above reproach.”

Amy Dixon | Kellis Vegetation

Amy Dixon


Amy joined the KVM team in August of 2014. She handles Accounts Payable, Licensing, and Payroll. She is responsible for making sure our techs are professionally licensed and credentialed, a crucial task for a business that performs work in 14 states.

Rebekah Rogers


Rebekah takes care of Residential Billing, New Hire Onboarding, and Compliance. She often helps residential clients with account/billing/service schedule questions and helps carry out administrative decisions.

Amanda Dorough

Administrative Assistant

Amanda assists in Human Resources, Record Keeping, and Customer Service as well as many other day-to-day tasks that keep the office running smoothly. She is great at directing clients to the appropriate person and doing the little things right!

Eric Deese

Turf Division Manager

Eric handles general operations and sales for Kellis Turfgrass Management including Sports Turf, Mowing, and Residential work. He has over 10 years’ experience in the turf industry and is professionally licensed.

Jonathan Butler

Asset Manager

Jonathan handles general operations for Kellis Vegetation Management’s Bareground, Industrial, and Right of Way work.

Brian Finley | Kellis Vegetation

Brian Finley

Operations Manager

Brian joined the KVM team in 2014. He was promoted to Master Technician in 2016 and given the role of Field Supervisor for Bareground, Industrial, and Right of Way work.

Jeff Harris

Bareground Salesman

Jeff came to KVM in February of 2016. He is the salesman for Bareground, Industrial, and Right of Way work. Jeff is the point of contact for anyone interested in having vegetation/brush sprayed or removed.

Tim Lacy | Turf Specialist

Tim Lacy

Turf Specialist

Tim has a B.S. Degree in Ornamental Horticulture and has worked in the Turfgrass Industry for over 30 years. He has served as the president of the MS Turfgrass Association and Southern Turfgrass Association, and as a Turfgrass Management instructor at MS State University. Tim was a Class A Golf Course Superintendent and oversaw the construction and grow-in of the MS State University Golf Course and FarmLinks Golf Course.

Shawn Hollback | Sports Turf Field Supervisor | Kellis Vegetation

Shawn Hollback

Sports Turf Field Supervisor

Shawn worked as a Bareground spray technician at KVM from April 2014 to April 2016. He was promoted to Master Technician in April 2016, and he now serves as the Field Supervisor for Sports Turf.

Brandyn Barton | Kellis Vegetation

Brandyn Barton

Assistant Operations Manager

Brandyn joined KVM in 2017 as the Field Manager for technicians who travel both in and out of state to perform Bareground work. He is responsible for making sure our out of state techs have everything they need to be safe and successful.