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Let us be your Vegetation Management Partner.

We believe that VM programs need to be designed and implemented with the customer and the contractor working together towards excellence.   This requires a personal relationship and a commitment on our part, and yours.   Our best pricing is reserved for customers who are interested in working with KVM exclusively.   The pricing reflected below will nearly always be higher than the prices our loyal customers receive.   However, if you are shopping contractors, please feel free to use this pricing as a baseline.   In the future, if your needs change and you need a custom tailored program, we would love the opportunity to come discuss one with you.

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Roadside Turf $84 per mile
Roadside Brush(Encroaching brush) $275 per sprayed mile
Electrical Right of Way $250 per line mile
Sewer Right of Way (turf and brush) $1100 per mile
Sewer Right of Way (brush) $850 per mile
Gas Pipeline RoW $2750 per day
Turf Regulation $75 per acre
Fire Ant Control $300 per acre
Industrial Weed Control (year long program) $850 per acre
Mowing and Weed Eating $2300 per day
Drainage Applications – accessible ditches $4000 per mile
Drainage Applications – not readily accessible $3500 per day
Forestry Applications (non aerial) $2500 per day
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