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Whether you are a power-plant, a small rental store, tractor dealership, or industrial shop with a laydown yard trying to keep the green out of gravel and brush off of your fence lines is a serious endeavor on your own.  Kellis Vegetation’s Gravel Weed Control service is designed not just to kill weeds and grass in your gravel, but to prevent them.

The difference between the Gravel Weed Control Service and buying generic ‘Roundup’ from the farm store is very simple:  with generic roundup you will have some dead weeds, then they grow back.  This creates a cycle of brown weeds and green weeds.   You never get to a point where you have no weeds.  Whereas with the Gravel Weed Control Service,  Kellis Vegetation applies products that not only kill the weeds you have but prevents the weeds you don’t have yet.  We back it up with free follow up visits every 10 weeks until winter.